How to Decorate Hamptons Beach Style

Decorating your home to incorporate classic 'Hamptons Beach' style is easier than you think - and can also be kind on your wallet! This classic decorating style never goes out of fashion. If you invest in a few key pieces of furniture in neutral shades, you can change up your look through the seasons with current accessories. I personally cannot get enough of this look - it is everything that 'The Hamptons House' style is all about!

Hamptons Beach style comes from the Hamptons region of Long Island in New York - a popular destination among the affluent. It embodies the best of classic decorating with rustic influences. Think of the gorgeous home featured in the film 'Somethings Gotta Give' with Diane Keaton. If you haven't seen this film I highly recommend it (for the house alone!)

If you are wanting to inject some of this classic decorating style into your home, we have some easy tips that you can follow...

Use Light Colors
If you're looking for a classic Hamptons beach style feel, start with color. The idea is to keep things light, breezy and natural. Choose rustic wood flooring that has a sun-bleached look. Stick with white or neutral colored walls. Linen upholstery looks natural and casual, perfect for relaxing after a day in the sun. If you like the look of wicker, choose high-end pieces that don't feel cheap and tacky - white wicker looks especially chic in Hamptons Beach inspired homes.

Create a Style Balance
Interior designer, John Barman, suggests balancing contemporary styles with rustic touches like barn wood elements, original hardware and bead board walls. Using all rustic elements would make the space seem dated and overwhelmingly antique. If all contemporary touches were used, the house wouldn't feel like it was at the beach. Combining these styles is what makes everything come together. It is all about achieving that ideal mix of clean and contemporary pieces with rustic, imperfect touches.

Get Creative with Vintage Finds
Furniture that is interesting and unique doesn't need to cost a fortune! Become an expert at scouring local garage sales, discount furniture stores and local charity shops for distinctive pieces that embody the style you are after. Often these pieces are still in fairly good condition - all that you need to do is give the piece a little TLC to bring it back to life. Sand back your piece, re-paint it in a gorgeous white or duck egg blue and change fixtures such as handles by sourcing these from your local hardware store such as Bunnings. Schots Home Emporium has great antique inspired fixtures also! Thinking about re-upholstering those dining room chairs? DIY the job and save by getting a staple gun, some quality linen at your nearest Spotlight or Lincraft store in a French toil pattern or beach stripe pattern and fix the material to your dining room chairs for a quick and pocket friendly boost to your room!

Incorporate Natural Elements
Bring the outdoors inside by including plenty of living things into the décor of your home. The most important and easiest way to do this is by using plants and shells for decorating. Inexpensive and always beautiful, live plants mimic the lush plant life of the beach and add some color to the décor. Live plants also purify the air, making your home fresher. Items like driftwood, seashells and sun-bleached sand dollars are great ways to incorporate elements of nature. Display them in clear glass jars and as table centerpieces.

Natural Light
Light is one of the greatest decorating elements available. Huge windows that let sunlight wash into the rooms are a great investment. All the light colors can look drab without the sun illuminating them. Consider installing a skylight for more light exposure.

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